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Boostly Academy is the ONLY Hospitality Training Portal in the world that has been created BY hospitality professionals FOR hospitality professionals.  

It’s been put together with the sole purpose of getting ‘heads on beds’, taking control back from greedy, commission stealing OTAs and 3rd party booking sites and giving our members 100% control of their own business without having to depend on others for occupancy rates.

I’ll level with you. You’ll get so much more out of Boostly Academy than just 3 things. However , as you’ve put me on the spot I have to say:

  • Increased direct bookings and dramatically reduce your commission costs
  • More money in your personal bank account
  • Becoming a Marketing Master for your own property and beyond.

Ok, I’m sorry, I have to add one more.

  • Being part of the Exclusive Boostly Academy community who’ll guide and support each other 24/7 so you’ll reach the top.

Yes and No.  

Of course, you can learn anything from the Internet, however, without guidance and support the chances of getting anything out of it is extremely slim.  

Instead, you’ll probably find yourself just wasting hours, months and years trying to find anything which will specifically help for our industry.

😂 Touché  

Don’t worry, I don’t offend easily.  

Believe me, I walked in your shoes. My family has had their own property for close to 30 years so I’m not exaggerating when I say hospitality is in my blood.  

And including the years I spent working in the marketing field for the top review sites in the world where I’ve had the inside track on the secret workings of this wonderful, but very tough, industry.  

I believe I know what I’m talking about. (That’s not arrogance, just years of hard work)  

Everything I’ve learned and have shared in Boostly Academy and has been applied to both my family’s business and hundreds of others with amazing success.

I know from running my own property time is precious. With that in mind our step by step videos can be picked up whenever you have a spare 15 minutes.  

Most of our members commit around 2 hours a week at the start. I’m telling you now, if you really break down your routine you’ll be able to find 120 minutes. Especially when it could be the difference between your business being a success or failure.

Don’t panic. Neither had many of our current members. Boostly Academy was designed exactly with non-marketeers in mind.

The real question is can you afford not to market your property?  

Alcohol, takeouts, and even a Netflix subscription at this moment in time, are in fact, luxuries.  

Although you’ll miss them, (and believe me there are times I had to cut back too,) in reality they’re not going to get guests walking through your doors.  

However, marketing your business isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Without taking control now you are not giving your business the best chance to succeed.  

Once you have the marketing down pat, your bank balance will more than be able to cope with any of the extras luxuries you want, and then some.  

At this point, you just need to decide what’s more important…

Again, Boostly Academy is designed for self confessed Technophobes, who are any age.  

Listen, if you can operate a smartphone or a washing machine you’ll have no problem at all.  

And remember you have full support to both myself and the Boostly Community to guide you through.

I do. I’m so confident in Boostly Academy and what I can do for your business there is 100% money back guarantee when you join.  

Here’s how it works.  

If you sign up today, and over the next 12 months complete the training at the Boostly Academy and have not seen improvements in your direct bookings, cutting of your costs and bottom line and the Academy hasn’t paid for itself then I’ll gladly send you back ALL the money.  

This makes us risk free.  

If fact, the only risk is not signing up and your business staying exactly the way it is, or worse.

Remember this isn’t a cost. Its an investment in yours and your businesses future.  

Boostly Academy Lifetime Access – Superflexible – 12 payments of £99.97

OR you can pay a one time fee of only £1,199.65!

Of course, there is always a chance the unthinkable could happen which would cause me to stop.  

The same as in any other business.  

However, this is my family’s livelihood and I’m not going anywhere.  

Boostly Academy will be around for years to come and if my past members are anything to go by, you’ll gain so much knowledge and results in the coming months, even if I was to disappear in 20 years you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. (Well, I hope you would anyway)

The short answer is Yes, If you wait for the next time I open the Academy for new enrollments, it will go up. 

The reason?  

The current investment of Boostly Academy compared to the financial returns you can expect is extremely low. If you think about it. It’s under £2k to invest into the Boostly Academy today. Remember, this is not for 12 weeks, 6 months or even one year. It’s for Life.

Even if you only stay with me for 4 years, then that’s £299 a year or 81p a day. That’s the price of a newspaper and a Freddo! 

I encourage you to go and search out for anyone else who is doing what I am doing. They are charging 3x What I am and their results are nowhere near as good. 

In fact, several people from the nearest coaching programme to what I do move over from their programme to mine and are having fantastic results and have got their confidence back

So, I suggest becoming a member sooner rather than later before the attendance fee goes up in April 2020 when we reopen.

Yes, of course – If you still have any questions please send me a message on Facebook and I will reply asap or email a 

I’m glad you asked.  

I have a easy test to find out if you are right for joining us and all you have to do is answer 5 simple questions:

  • Are you sick and tired of OTAs and 3rd Party Websites ‘stealing’ your hard earned profits through crazy commission costs every month?
  • Do you want more direct bookings?
  • Do you want to increase you review site rankings and your property to stand out in your area? 
  • Do you want to have a proven marketing plan in place and 100% control of your business success in 2020?
  • Would you love all of the above?
  • And now for the results…  

    If you answered YES to any of the above question (especially number 5) then you are exactly the hospitality owner we are looking for at Boostly Academy. Those who want to take control and build a successful business.

    If you have read this far and are STILL not convinced about joining and would like to speak to me you can book in a call here

    Hurry though, the Lifetime access offer will not last forever. I am planning on changing it to an annual subscription in the near future.


    Now is the best time to join.


Your Boostly Academy Subscription Includes

Unlimited Access To The Boostly Academy Vault

You’ll get lifetime access to the Boostly Academy Vault which is home to over 80 hours worth of videos training, tactics and advice to increase your direct bookings.

Lifetime Access to The Exclusive Boostly Academy Facebook Group 

Join over 400 like-minded business owners who are all looking to achieve the same goal. As well as access to myself, I have enlisted the help of experts from the world of Facebook Ads, Google PPC, SEO, Corporate Bookings, Pricing, Copywriting and Systems and Strategies. You Get This at no extra cost.

Also included in the group:

Weekly Accountability Session To Keep You on Track Group Zoom Calls To Discuss Your Pain Points
Mini-Challenges to help you get quick wins in a group setting

The Boostly Guarantee

Get a return on your investment in new direct bookings in only 90 days or 100% of your money back. 

What's My Investment?

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Boostly Academy
£ 1375
  • Lifetime Access To All Content
  • Ongoing Access To Group Content
  • Unrivalled Money Back Guarantee

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